Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pieces 11, 12, 13

I finished enough pieces to not only keep on track, but to get a little ahead.  I made a couple of textured bowls from the hump molds I made earlier and a nice little dish.  I really like the altered rim on this piece and want to make a few more bowls of various sizes.  So here are my pieces in the order in which they were made...
This was a complete disappointment.  I hate the way the glaze turned out.  Funny thing is the camera actually makes it look decent.  Glaze used Dark Jungle.

Love this piece!  I need to make a much larger piece and heavily texture it.  The inside was nice...
but the outside was amazing (stupid camera, doesn't show how nice it is).

Clay used:  Amaco X-15
Bowls were 2 pounds 8 ounces, plate 3 pounds
Technique: bowls hump molds, place drape mold on a place, altered rim
Glazes used:

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