Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 14, New day 1

I have been finding out so far that my pieces are not turning out as I originally planned.  I was going to make a simple drape mold berry bowl.  A berry bowl is basically a nice bowl with holes drilled into the bottom and sides and a plate for underneath.  It is used to rinse off various types of berries before you eat them.

I used a kitchen bowl wrapped in plastic wrap.  I didn't want too many wrinkles so decided against wrapping the bowl in newspaper.  Big mistake!  When I attempted to remove the clay bowl, I had to pry it off which stretched the edges quite a bit.

Luckily for me, this was a happy accident.  I decided to alter the "now" rim and came up with the bowl below.  I will make the original berry bowl sometime in the future.  I like the way this one is now and cannot wait to get it glazed.

 Once I get all the pieces fired and glazed, I will update each post with the completed piece.

The completed piece.  Unfortunately, the camera does not do justice to how beautiful this piece turned out!  This piece was given to my mom for her birthday.  She was happy to get my first piece.

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